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back from france

2 weeks france , i loved it . Saw some busses , type 25 mostly , some T2B and no split .

but i saw a great wallpainting at the entrance of a campsite .


About the bus , dropped spindles allmost ready . Hope i get him ready in time for SBN

See ya

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SBN 2008

Less then a month now !!!!!


On Sunday August 3 2008  the Belgian split screen van registry organises
the first split screen van only meeting in Belgium, Splitbus Nation 2008.
This will take place at the Provincial Domain "Puyenbroeck" which is in Wachtebeke.
The domain has a large camping, which will be just next to the meeting-site, so camping will be no problem! To check out the domain "Puyenbroeck" or to reserve your place at the camping site, go to
You can reserve your camping spot by phoning to the camp site on 0032-9-3424231
or by mailing to
wim.de.meester@oostvlaanderen.be  He's the boss of the camping site.
Please put in your mail with how many vans or cars you are coming, how many tents you're bringing and from what date you want to reserve a camping spot.
A camping spot will cost you 21 euro for 1 night.
Now you can notify us that you are coming to Splitbus Nation with your van
by clicking on this banner. In this form you can register so you and me have an idea
of how many split screen van owners will be attending the meeting.


10 am: doors open

13 pm: R/C split screen van race contest
14 pm: firetruck demonstration
15 pm: Beatles cover group concert
17 pm: throphie time!

All day: show and shine, lots of split screen van parts traders, vans for sale, 
aircastle for the kids, make up artist for the kids, T-shirts, toys, upholstery specialists, firetruck stand, split screen van painting artists (
www.canvas-car-art.com) ,chopperbikes (www.chopperdomegent.be ) ...




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