some cool gadgets from Freddy Files

I took some cool gadgets home from the Freddy Files in Ninove .

I saw Neil from the SSVC and he was so kind to give me a t-shirt from the Brighton Breeze




I also had asked some brothers on the SBS forum to bring me some gadgets and this is what i get brought by Menace. Just love it , some stickers cards and 2 canholders to keep your beer cold




And when i went to the stand of T2D for a chat with Paul , Matt (Ballzzz) and Beaker  i got a sticker and a dashplaque from the cruize . Offcourse i bought me a cool hoody from them too





Conclusion it was a great day , good memories , new friends ,great weather and beautifull cars . What can you more expect from a meet .

also thanking Slammyrider for the book he brought me , Tim (23A on the SSVC) for the nice chat .

Thanking the guys for the convoy from Wetteren to Ninove great fun with 10 cars .


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