the bullet bus

The infamous Bullet Bus is now available.

Long forgotten in the huge Nevada Area 51 desert, discovered, exhumed, rebuilt and brought back to the road as the world's most bullet-riddled driving VW, she is absolutely shocking, and she can be yours.

Here's a link to the 17-page build thread which covers it's history as well:

All components were properly swapped from more-dead, correct year buses. A community effort from thesamba helped bring the hundreds of missing parts back to her such that she could be SEEN! An entire wiring harness was re-installed by Tom Mink deeming every single electrical circut down to the working dash clock and Sapphire radio functional.

Brakes are good. New center pin, tight drag link and tie rods. Solid, valuable, reliable single-port Soren-built engine.

This is the cheapest running-driving Award-Winning 21-Window Sunroof Deluxe for sale on the Planet!
Still missing all skylights, sunroof, passenger walk-through seat, certain door hardware. Various areas of serious rust to include rockers, complete belly pans, some cargo and driver's floor sections, none of which reduce the functionality. This bus is considered more a rolling museum piece than a restoration project.



More info : http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=768211


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