Splits @ the lake !!!!!

Went to Splits @ the lake in Nuenen in holland near Eindhoven. It was a verry nice location with a beach. The weather was good all weekend .

here's my story :

Leaving on friday afternoon with Bart (Kama) , Piet and Dieter with family

IMG_4479-800 copy

Getting dark allready

IMG_4476-800 copy

And it was dark at arriving

IMG_4608-800 copy

 IMG_4606-800 copy

 feeling a little hungry , so bart made a great meal ( chili con carne recepy from the camper cookbook )

IMG_4487-800 copy

 Waking up on saturday

IMG_4494-800 copyIMG_4495-800 copy

Chilling at the beach

IMG_4503-800 copy

 the view from out of my sunroof

IMG_4515-800 copy


 IMG_4516-800 copy


Taking a walk around and meet some people while giving them flyers of our own meeting next year

IMG_4507-800 copyIMG_4508-800 copyIMG_4510-800 copyIMG_4511-800 copyIMG_4519-800 copyIMG_4520-800 copyIMG_4521-800 copyIMG_4523-800 copyIMG_4524-800 copyIMG_4526-800 copyIMG_4525-800 copyIMG_4527-800 copyIMG_4528-800 copyIMG_4529-800 copyIMG_4530-800 copyIMG_4531-800 copyIMG_4532-800 copyIMG_4533-800 copyIMG_4534-800 copyIMG_4535-800 copyIMG_4536-800 copyIMG_4537-800 copyIMG_4538-800 copyIMG_4539-800 copyIMG_4540-800 copyIMG_4541-800 copyIMG_4542-800 copyIMG_4543-800 copyIMG_4544-800 copyIMG_4545-800 copyIMG_4546-800 copyIMG_4547-800 copyIMG_4549-800 copyIMG_4550-800 copyIMG_4551-800 copyIMG_4559-800 copyIMG_4560-800 copyIMG_4561-800 copyIMG_4566-800 copy

Time to relax a little in the shadow on the hill

IMG_4563-800 copy

 And off we go again

IMG_4567-800 copyIMG_4568-800 copyIMG_4569-800 copyIMG_4570-800 copyIMG_4571-800 copyIMG_4583-800 copyIMG_4585-800 copyIMG_4584-800 copy

Time for some hot dogs

IMG_4572-800 copy

 And back off again

IMG_4586-800 copyIMG_4588-800 copyIMG_4587-800 copyIMG_4589-800 copyIMG_4590-800 copyIMG_4591-800 copyIMG_4592-800 copyIMG_4593-800 copy


IMG_4575-800 copy


Time for some BBQ

IMG_4603-800 copy

Later that night we build our own campfirecIMG_4621-800 copy

IMG_4612-800 copy

When the lasershow and music from M.A.M (Mijel Allstar Motherfuckers) started to play we went for a look

IMG_4623-800 copy

 IMG_4629-800 copy

We saw some strange people from the organisation

IMG_4631-800 copy


Sunday morning , and the view from my bus

IMG_4641-800 copy

 IMG_4643-800 copyIMG_4638-800 copy

Around noon it was time for the line up

IMG_4659-800 copy

 IMG_4666-800 copyIMG_4664-800 copyIMG_4671-800 copyIMG_4667-800 copy

After that we made ourself ready for heading back home

IMG_4695-800 copyIMG_4698-800 copy


It was a Great weekend , met some new people , seeing friends again and had that feeling of being on vacation .


Thnx to all the people who drove with us , hope we see you all next year @Splitbus Nation 2010 in Belgium

some movies will folow !!!

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Cool Bus Meetong Nice Report with nice Pics!!!

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