The Konrad single cab for sale


stuning 60 airride single cab for sale

probably the lowest single cab in the world

to get the maximum slammed look, i realized a handmade airride system based on highest quality german parts. for the rear suspension i used the bags and shocks from a vw passat 3bg front axle and putted in a complete handmade frame. the front beam is a modified creative engenering beam that was shorted 4inch and mounted 4inch higher. for this modifications i had to do a lot of bodywork.

it is possible to lay the cab, from front to the end, on the ground.
the bus was restored, customized and painted in 2007. since then i drove 7000km.
it runs great without any problems!!!

And watch this great movie : http://www.autokino.tv/film/autokino/detailansicht/articl...



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