Splitbus Nation 2010

Earlier we wrote you had to make your reservations for breakfast and BBQ by July 21st. This deadline is extended until Sunday July 25th. After July 25th it is no longer possible to make reservations for breakfast and BBQ at Splitbus Nation! Haven't you booked yet? Do this now through the web-shop of Splitbus Nation http://splitbusnation.be/SBN/shop
Having problems with the shop to make your reservations? Send an e-mail to shop@splitbusnation.be and the Team of Splitbus Nation will arrange it for you! Book your camping as well, full=full and we would not like to disappoint you!

At this moment over 60 split screen vans are registered to Splitbus Nation 2010 and besides that the organization has received a lot of promises of split screen van owners that they will visit Splitbus Nation 2010. Should you have any questions, contact us or check out our website. You can also leave a message at our forum or ask a question. There's also the possibility to sign in for Splitbus Nation 2010. Simply visit us at http://splitbusnation.be

See you at Splitbus Nation 2010!

Team Splitbus Nation  

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