Splitbus Nation 2010 friday & saturday

First off all I had an amazing weekend . It was alot off hard work but i'm verry pleased .

this is what happened on friday and saturday





I arrived at the campsite around 10.30 in the morning , setup at the entrance with the bus .

First buses arrived soon after noon and the first bus that arrived was a 54 barndoor .








Around 10pm it was time to close the entrance and settle the van on it's spot to rest for the night . together with other crew members we looked back at a hot and good friday !!










Saturday the setup at the entrance was a little changed . in the morning alot of buses came in .

short after noon everybody was gathering for the cruise to holland wich i couldn't participate because i had to stay at the entrance :(






After the cruise with around 40 buses there was time to wash up and have a good meal at the BBQ . It ended up late , but again we could look back at another succeded day .



Some buses just came for a day on saturday to drive the cruise ! or came for a day visit











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