rear bench cleaning

Tried to start cleaning my rear bench . went pretty well , but still not like i wanted .

So who knows a great way to get rid off the yellowish color from 40years smoking




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Volksworldshow 2011

Went to the Volksworldshow last weekend and it was AWESOME !!!!

the drive getting there , the tunnel , the traffic jam in the uk . I enjoyed every min. off it .

So here a couple off pics , the rest ca be found in the album on the right





I also want to congratulate Colin with winning best in Top 3 buses !!



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new stuff

Picked up some stuff last weekend for the bus

An original verry good condition rear bench


Matching OG kickpanel


grabhandle and armrests


And some other small stuff like new cables , filter , trim pieces

all need to be cleaned and go in the bus

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windowframes update

Ok so the windowframes didn't looked good.

left :

links 2.JPG

links 9.JPG

links 11.JPG

There was filler , but no holes in it . pretty releaved. Now i could got it fixed and put filler on it again to get it smooth , or got i welded . but i choose to do nothing and put on a protection and some paint.

links 14.JPG

Primered and ready for a new layer off white. (what is a pain in the ass to find the right color)

links 17.JPG

Still there was a difference :( so i started to make my own "fake patina"

links 19.JPG

the day after it was time to replace the pop out , and it looked pretty good for now

links 22.JPG

Then the right window frame was actually pretty good .

rechts 6.JPG

So it was prepped , protected and painted

rechts 9.JPG

Also here it needed some "fake patina" and the day after pop out could go back in

rechts 13.JPG

Glad this is done , it isn't the perfect clean up but will hold till i start with the resto



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Wish i could go for a cruize !!!!!


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Freddy Files 2011

Went to the Freddy Files in Ninove today .

Alot cars showed up , more then 600. Pics can be found in the colom right on here .

Have fun ;)



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