nose job

Started sanding down the nose off the bus . The blue went pretty fast and saw no problems , only a little bubbles around the headlight bucket


Now the white is an other story . As i new the nose was resprayed once , the white wasn't done verry well . It was pretty rough and needed faltted out first . So out came the P800 sandingpaper to flatten the paint. A pain in the ass job to do . First dry then wet , then wet with P2000



It's hard to see on the pictures but it was rough . Now everything is as good as flattened and ready to polish up again .

Also i saw while cleaning the front i have the cutout's on the upper windowframes to place safary window's . So these will be probably the next thing on the list . But this won't be for any time soon , as i just blow the turbo off my daily driver and also needs new disc brakes and some other things . (big costs on the daily :(  )

Well here you see the all sanded front , ready to polish


I didn't remove the badge because the inside off the bus is completely wax oiled and i didn't want to brake any off the clips .

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