thnx all , couldn't do it without you !!!


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Rockabilly day : The Cars !!!

IMG_4403-800 copy
IMG_4400-800 copy
IMG_4397-800 copy
IMG_4398-800 copy
IMG_4393-800 copy
IMG_4392-800 copy
IMG_4391-800 copy
IMG_4390-800 copy
IMG_4386-800 copy
IMG_4385-800 copy
IMG_4384-800 copy
IMG_4383-800 copy
IMG_4376-800 copy
IMG_4377-800 copy
IMG_4375-800 copy
IMG_4374-800 copy
IMG_4371-800 copy
IMG_4368-800 copy
IMG_4365-800 copy
IMG_4350-800 copy
IMG_4347-800 copy
IMG_4346-800 copy
IMG_4345-800 copy
IMG_4344-800 copy
IMG_4343-800 copy
IMG_4342-800 copy
IMG_4341-800 copy
IMG_4339-800 copy
IMG_4338-800 copy
IMG_4337-800 copy
IMG_4336-800 copy
IMG_4335-800 copy
IMG_4334-800 copy
IMG_4331-800 copy
IMG_4333-800 copy
IMG_4332-800 copy
IMG_4330-800 copy
IMG_4329-800 copy
IMG_4328-800 copy
IMG_4327-800 copy
IMG_4325-800 copy
IMG_4320-800 copyIMG_4324-800 copy

IMG_4361-800 copyIMG_4363-800 copyIMG_4364-800 copyIMG_4359-800 copyIMG_4360-800 copyIMG_4395-800 copyIMG_4396-800 copy

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Rockabilly day : the aircooled cars

It was a great day , beautifull location , weather was great , and superb cars .

Here are the pics from the aircooled cars , others will follow soon !!!!

IMG_4310-800 copyIMG_4311-800 copyIMG_4312-800 copyIMG_4313-800 copyIMG_4314-800 copyIMG_4315-800 copyIMG_4316-800 copyIMG_4318-800 copyIMG_4321-800 copyIMG_4323-800 copyIMG_4326-800 copyIMG_4351-800 copyIMG_4355-800 copyIMG_4353-800 copyIMG_4356-800 copyIMG_4358-800 copyIMG_4369-800 copyIMG_4372-800 copyIMG_4373-800 copyIMG_4378-800 copyIMG_4379-800 copyIMG_4380-800 copyIMG_4381-800 copyIMG_4382-800 copyIMG_4387-800 copyIMG_4388-800 copyIMG_4389-800 copyIMG_4404-800 copy

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Rockabilly day

This sunday we are going back to the 50's , this is where i won my trofee last year .



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with the steeringbox protector in its place the splashpan couldn't be placed anymore . As my own splashpan was in too good condition i went on the search for another one . quickly found one and made some adjustments so it would fit

It's now back under and looking good



I still have the piece i cut out so it could be welded back in if needed at a later time .

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