Strange uhh Bus ?

Ok saw this one on the Samba . Looks pretty cool actually but ugly as hell


Here it is the one and only! In the summer of 1963 a retired aircraft body technician took a wrecked 1959 Microbus, cut it off behind the front doors, lengthened it 4 feet raised the roof to 6 feet inside, and widened it 16 inches! all out of aircraft aluminum! then he made a fully self contained motorhome out of it.
Beings it is a ONE OFF there are no comps on this






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2 sunroofbuses in 1 pic , somewhere in austria. If you know the owners please let me know

2 falltach busse in 1 foto , irgendwo im östenreich. Kennen sie der besitzers lassen Sie mich wissen


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old picture

Can you see the sunroof too on this old picture ?  I allways like to find new pics off sunroof busses .


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a big thnx to all you visitors !!!





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Rockabilly Day 2012

back to the roots !! back to where i won my first trophy 4 years ago.

It was a chilled day with some cool retro cars , hot rods , caferacers , choppers , and off course aircooled dubs .

The weather was good , the atmosphere relaxed , the music rockabilly and so where alot of people.

Hope you enjoy the pics , in the album on the right. Here are some teasers








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1965 OG standard sunroof for sale !!

THIS IS NOT MINE !!!!  saw this advert on the samba and as i'm verry in to sunroof 11windows i want to know where this one is going .

you can see the complete ad on :  http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1348...

a 1965 (L289-Blue White, L512-Velvet Green) Standard with a factory sunroof M-Code with bus as well as the title.

The bus has been taken apart, blasted and now sits in primer, All that is needed to have a really nice bus is time to do body work and assemble because I have 90-95% of everything to complete the bus.

Here's list of what goes with her for $11,000
95% of all repair panels ( Gerson"s metal ) ready for welding in.
Including a complete cargo floor
All the glass and door frames
Sunroof mech with OG goldie handle
Front, middle and Rear seats - Front comes with new covers
95% of all rubbers door seals, window seals etc..
Complete head liner including inner sunroof liner
Engine but I'm not to sure of condition
Basically everything I have for the bus!

$$$$$ Offers
$11000 - With everything I have for the bus.
$9500 - No Middle Seat
$7500 - No motor, No Middle seat, No repair panels, and No rubbers.

This bus doesn't need much to be a really nice and rare at that. The pictures will tell the story. The only reason I'm selling is I have WAY to many projects going on and I know I will not be getting to her anytime soon.
So this is someone's opportunity to own a rare bus that's on it's way to being a sweet ride.
I'm not interested in trades unless it's VW plus cash.




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Fire truck fun fair ride

How cool is this !! Saw some pic on facebook comming up from this 1959 mini fire truck

Seems there are only made 2 and were used to pick up kids at home and bring them to an amusement park for there b-day party's

here some pics




And how it was found and is now in restoration


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